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Acid Session Vol III Album Release

“Liquid Rainbow presents a special chapter… … with this well-known world class touring live electronic-dub-rock trio Liquid Rainbow with the 3rd volume of their legendary series ‘The Acid Sessions’.

You are immediately transformed into a magical forest creature as butterfly wings instantly protrude from your back and spiraling antennae uncoil from your forehead! Now you recognize that the trees are alive and full of amazing creatures and everyone is glowing! You drift into the air on a rush of sparkling energy and feel a warm tingling sensation seeping through your body lighting up your limbs and belly from within like a glowing neon light! You are a pure energy being and this is your mystical playground where you frolic with all your best friends! Unlock your inner bliss and let go of the stress and pressure of your other life as a human when this uplifting and relaxing album flows out of your speakers and into your heart. Looping for hours you will discover new secrets with deeper exploration and soon people might wonder what happened to make you so happy and free.”

– Liquid Rainbow

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