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Roots Reggae & Dub

Baltazzar is a reggae artist who was born in Italy in 1985.

He is a singer, songwriter and composer that loves roots reggae music.

His musical career began in 2014 when he performed as a singer at several reggae events and festivals in Milan. During this period Baltazzar played live with the band Roots Caravan Sound. He also dedicated himself to creating new fresh rhythmns in order to compose lyrics and melodies for his debut album “In the Lion Den “. This album includes twelve Baltazzar songs that are in the roots reggae style with a touch of dub. The songs were recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered at Magic Garden Studios by his old friend Dubmaster Conte.

A dub version of “In the Lion Den“, also mixed by Dubmaster Conte, is planned to be released soon.

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