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Psychedelic Dub Rock Music

Liquid Rainbow is an italian Psychedelic Dub Rock band formed in 2008 consisting of Stefano Contini aka DubMaster Conte (Acoustic & Electric Bass, Synths, Drum Programming, Sampler, Dubs & Fx’s, Mixing, Mastering and Production), Francesco Allegro aka Frank Wizardd (Vocals & Lyrics, Electric and Acoustic Piano, Keyboards, Guitars and Slide Guitar) and Roberto Beretta aka Roby B (Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Banjo).

Liquid Rainbow was born with the mixing of different musical and life experiences. Melted with the Love of music, creation and light the band started composing, recording and producing fresh music right from the beginning.

The Headquarter is at Magic Garden Studios where they develop their skills and arts in the Liquid Rainbow sonic palette.

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Buy Albums:

Liquid Rainbow Vol. 1 – cd.1  (2011)

Liquid Rainbow Vol. 1 – cd.2  (2011)

Liquid Rainbow Vol. 2  (2012)

8 x 8  (2013)

The Acid Sessions Vol. 3  (2013)

Just for Fun  (2014)

Landscapes & Treasures  (2015)

The Blue Rose Sessions (2017)




Side Projects:

Frank Wizardd solo Album