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Entheogenic Sound Explorers (ESE)                   BOOK BAND

Ambient & Electronic Music

ESE are Stefano Contini and Piero Marchesi. With our Music we would like to encourage self and cosmic consciousness, respect for Nature and Sacred Plants, and development of the human being through exploration of the self, arts and meditation. To explore the dimensions of the magic garden, whether it be vegetable, animal or more spiritual and cosmic, is to undertake a trip toward our deeper perception, which recalls the multiple faces of our vital cradle, Mother Earth, Gaia. What we want to represent is a range of vibrations that can only be discovered through careful listening. By using certain sounds that are close to our emotional and spiritual sphere, we want to represent our origins, our roots, which in everyday life aren’t always represented at their best, but which can certainly help in taking a better approach toward our existence.

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Buy Albums:

The Shroom Experience (2007) – Practising Nature rec.

The Other Door (2009) – Databloem rec.

Magic Garden (2011) – Databloem rec.

Quarto (2013) – Databloem rec.

Psychedelic Roots (EP 2014) – Bass Star rec.

The Fifth Dimension (December 2016) – Databloem rec.